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General Font Questions

Which font format should I select?

For help on selecting the appropriate format, please visit our font formats page which discusses the benefits of each format with recommendations for specific tasks.

Can you help me to identify a font?

If you can supply us a high quality sample of the typeface you are trying to identify we will endeavour to identify the design for you. We can work from most of the common file formats including JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF and BMP.

How do I uncompress the files?

PC format fonts are supplied in a ZIP file. Double-clicking the ZIP file should open the ZIP file allowing you to save the fonts to a convenient folder ready for installing. If the ZIP file does not open you will need to download the free WinZip utility.

Mac format fonts are supplied in a SIT file. These can be uncompressed using the free StuffIt Expander utility.

How do I install the fonts?

Refer to the above question for help in uncompressing the supplied files. Then click on the relevant operating system below to view installation instructions.

What are the benefits of OpenType?

OpenType was developed by Microsoft and Adobe Systems as a successor to the TrueType and PostScript font formats. It is effectively a superset of TrueType that supports PostScript outlines in addition to the TrueType outlines. The OpenType font format is a 100% cross-platform format with the same file working on both the Windows and Mac platforms. All the font data is stored in a single file meaning there is no need to install separate printer and screen font as is the case with PostScript fonts.

The OpenType format also supports larger character sets, extensive language support and advanced typographic features such as automatic control of ligatures, fractions and alternate characters to name but a few.

What is Font Embedding?

Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint both support Font Embedding on the Windows platform. This allows a TrueType font that has been configured to allow font embedding, to be embedded within a document. In turn, this allows a user that does not have the font installed to view the document. The font is temporarily installed whilst the document is used and then removed.

The Mac versions of Word and PowerPoint do not at this time support embedding.

The Adobe PDF format also supports font embedding on both the Windows and Mac platforms.

How do I access characters not shown on the keyboard?

Many applications use specific mechanisms to access the extended character sets of fonts. In addition you can use Operating System utilities. On a PC you can use the Character Map utility and on a Mac the Character Palette.

How many users does the standard licence cover?

In most cases the standard licence covers 5 users. When adding a font to the Shopping Cart you will be able to select the required number of users for your order. The first item in the list shows the number of users for the standard licence.


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