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Terms & Conditions

International TypeFounders (ITF) accepts major credit and debit cards including American Express, Visa and MasterCard.

Published Quoted Prices
All displayed font prices, transactions and credit card charges are in US dollars, and are subject to change without notice. For your convenience, you are able to display the prices in currencies other than the US dollar price, but you will be still be charged in the equivalent US dollar amount. Because of the fluctuation of international currency rates, be aware that the actual charges displayed in US dollars may not precisely match the actual charges from your credit card provider.

ITF reserves the right to amend or modify their prices or package discounts without prior notice. ITF will not be responsible for any typographic errors or omissions, under any circumstances.

Cancellations or Returns
No returns on downloaded or emailed fonts. Due to the nature of online font or image software sales, the customer shall not be entitled to cancel any order which has been accepted by ITF. At the time of downloading the font or image software, the font or image software shall be deemed to have been opened and therefore accepted as non-returnable goods.

All goods are supplied on the understanding that all copyright and licenses applied to the goods are upheld and maintained by the purchaser. These include any multi-user and multi-site licenses. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that these are kept up to date where applicable. ITF will gladly offer their expert advice on licenses if you need assistance.

ITF products are fully guaranteed from technical defects. If you have a problem with any product supplied by ITF, simply contact us within 7 days of receipt of goods. Free technical support is offered to all registered users of our products.

If the goods are found to be faulty or, if at our discretion, we agree to take back goods for any other reason, you must obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from ITF. Upon receipt of a return, with a RMA, ITF will issue a credit or supply a replacement as agreed.

However, ITF shall not be under any liability in respect of goods which are altered, modified or repaired without ITF’s consent or defects which arise wholly or partly as a result of negligence or improper handling by any person or any other cause outside the control of ITF.

The ITF website uses only cookies which are essential to the functioning of the site. Cookies are bits of data sent from a Web server to a user’s machine to be retrieved later for purposes of identification. This website uses cookies for the convenience and protection of our customers’ personal information. Our cookies do not persist; they are session cookies only. They neither write nor retrieve any extraneous information. They’re written only when you register or log in as a registered user, and they''ll subsequently expire the next time you close your browser; our cookies do not store any information about people visiting our site.

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