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Red Rooster Collection
Multi-User Desktop Licenses

Special Note: This legacy site only offers Desktop Licenses

ITF calculates Multi-User Desktop Licenses based on the chart below. The License price for these Desktop Licenses will be calculated from the Recommended End User Price multiplied by the number of CPUs/Users. Simply enter the corresponding number of CPUs into the Number of CPUs field on the right and the correct price will be calculated automatically.

You are not required to treat each individual site as a separate license with ITF products; simply enter the total of all CPUs from all sites in the field on the right. Under certain circumstances ITF can provide Special Font Licenses. Please contact for further Special Font Licensing assistance.

Number of
Number of

1-5 price x1

6-10 price x1.5

11-15 price x2

16-20 price x2.5

21-30 price x3

31-35 price x3.5

36-45 price x4

46-50 price x4.5

51-65 price x5

66-70 price x5.5

71-80 price x6

81-85 price x6.5

86-95 price x7

96-115 price x7.5

116-125 price x8

126-145 price x9

146-160 price x10

161-180 price x11

181-195 price x12

196-215 price x13

216-230 price x14

231-260 price x15

261-300 price x16

301-335 price x17

336-375 price x18

376-415 price x19

416-460 price x20

461-520 price x21

521-580 price x22

581-640 price x23

641-700 price x24

701-760 price x25

761-820 price x26

821-880 price x27

881-940 price x28

941-1000 price x29

1001-1125 price x33

1126-1250 price x36

1251-1375 price x40

1376-1500 price x43

1501-1625 price x47

1626-1750 price x50

1751-1875 price x54

1876-2000 price x57

2001-2125 price x61

2126-2250 price x64

2251-2375 price x68

2376-2500 price x71

2501-2625 price x75

2626-2750 price x78

2751-2875 price x82

2876-3000 price x85

3001-3500 price x99

3501-4000 price x113

4001-4500 price x127

4501-5000 price x141

Your Delivery:

Download You will be able to download your fonts immediately, once your online transaction is completed. Fonts are sent compressed for efficient internet delivery. Mac fonts are compressed using StuffIt, and PC fonts (Windows), using WinZip. Once you receive your fonts, you will need to decompress the files with either StuffIt Expander (Mac users) or WinZip (Windows users) to install the fonts into your system. Both decompression software are easily downloaded and FREE.

Font CD's Only
2nd Day $15 expedited shipping charge will be applied to you order.
Overnight $25 expedited shipping charge will be applied to you order.
International $35 expedited shipping charge will be applied to you order.

Selecting Font Formats:

Mac PostScript = MACPS
Mac TrueType = MACTT
PC PostScript = PCPS
PC TrueType = PCTT
OpenType = OT
OpenType Pro = OTP

Which font format is best for me?
PostScript, TrueType or OpenType?

If you are planning to use these fonts on more than five (5) CPUs, please enter the appropriate quantities as you place an order, it will ensure you that your new fonts are properly and legally licensed.
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Font(s) in Shopping Cart Number of CPUs/Users

Alexon Medium
Foundry: Red Rooster

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